Positive Outlook

It has been a while since we posted our last update on the foundation project progress. News were sporadic because the few of us focused on doing ground work diligently and dutifully while Yeow Hock worked on developing a new website for us, YS Lee and Tiam Loong the accountant have been going about doing the necessary for Works of Gratitude Sdn Bhd. We decided to wind up WOG in Malaysia and set up our intended foundation in the US instead. This will be for the best on many aspects.

We have also identified a US law firm in Texas that specializes in NGOs. As mentioned earlier, our foundation will work with the medical team experts in treating NF at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California. The funds that we have raised for this project so far will be used to cover the necessary expenditures for setting up the foundation in US. We are in need of suitable people in US to form the foundation’s Board of Directors and a US address to register the foundation too.

As we all know by now, Donald Trump has just won the US presidential elections and Republicans are back to being the majority in government. I hope this will lead to positive growth for our foundation in US because the hospital and medical team we will work with is in southern California – the largest Republicans state in US.

From now on, we will be working towards getting sponsors for the foundation instead of relying on donations from the general public. Accounting and handling of funds will be much easier. We will stay accountable to our sponsors and compliant to the relevant Us laws.

New Web Design Coming Soon

In early 2016, a young Malaysian man who is similarly living with NF2 like myself got to know about me & the work I do including this foundation project. He has had a few surgeries locally and now needs to use a wheelchair to assist his mobility daily as he works as data entry executive nearby. Like myself, he is knowledgeable in web development. So he volunteered to assist in building the foundation by creating a better web site for the cause. He has been developing it for a few months now with helpful input from Elliot, who is also a tech developer himself. I appreciate the initiatives of people like Elliot and this new friend of ours named Yeow Hock who lighten and share my burdens truly. Thank you guys for your love and sacrifice.

Rolfer On Maternity Leave Soon

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My deepest thanks to Audrey Yeoh who has been helping to raise funds for my foundation project even though she is heavily pregnant with her 3rd child.
Audrey offered to rolf 5 people for my foundation project. 2 people have signed up & rolfing. Audrey will be going on maternity leave soon. She will continue to rolf another 3 people for us next year.

Audrey Yeoh the Rolfer

AUDREY and YVONNE (Custom)

Hi everybody. My friend Audrey Yeoh is a rolfer. She would like to use her ability to help raise funds for my foundation project. Allow me to tell you what she can do & has been doing for me.
My right leg became out-turned after a spine surgery when I was 16. Some nerves were damaged during the surgery so my right leg over compensated. Audrey returned the leg back to normal by placing her hand under my hip & reminded the fascia of where the leg used to be. My leg then moved back by itself over the next few days.
After my recent 3 surgeries, I slept on my right a lot. This caused my right shoulder and arm to be misaligned. She returned them back to normal position about the same.
My recent hospitalization was strenuous to my physical body which caused many blockages. Audrey placed her hand under my back and removed those blockages. After that my lungs ventilation improved.
Above are just some of the things she has done for me. Her skills may benefit you too.
To help me raise funds for my foundation project, Audrey offers her services to 5 people, RM 2500 for 10 sessions each person.
If you are interested please PM or WhatsApp (012 3233 218) Audrey to inquire.

Renewed Direction

Hello everyone

This is Yvonne Foong here. It has been more than half a year since I last updated this blog. The reason is because I had been receiving medical treatments at the US National Institute of Health in Vethesda between January – March 2016. I had 2 brain surgeries and 1 more surgery to remove a finger tumor plus implant a peg tube. I returned to Malaysia in March and spent the next few months recovering. After my 3rd surgery, my vision was affected due to severe dryness and physical stress. Now that my vision was not good like before, I had to adopt and learn a few way of living.

For example, I am simplifying my personal life and the manner I live the NF foundation. After struggling for 3 months, I finally found a great person to be my personal assistant. I let her help me do my work by my side. Maybe my vision deterioration is not entirely a bad thing because if this did not happen, I would have insisted to do everything myself out of habit to the point of over stressing. It was not easy to change the way I was. Physical stress is actually bad for my genetic condition. It could make NF 2 more aggressive.

I am also allowing other individuals to raise funds for this project instead. Like how my friend Audrey Yeoh the rolfer is doing her part. She is offering her skills to 5 people. RM2500 for 10 rolfing sessions each person. If you are interested in rolfing you may contact her directly by WhatsApp (012 323 3218).

Considering the economic and political instability of my country, I decided that it would be best to set up NF foundation in US instead and work with my surgeons and medical teams there. My foundation would assist Malaysians with NF want to go to US for treatments for a better chance of survival. It is up to the patient’s choice of whether he or she wants to go. Not all NF patients require treatments overseas. Small cases can be treated in Malaysia. Severe cases are the ones that need doctors with better abilities to treat and hospitals that are more equipped to care.

Join us in a 1.5 hour talk at HSG Community Charity Carnival, Taman Yarl

Dear all supporters and friends of the Neurofibromatosis in Malaysia cause.

It is Yvonne Foong here.

This Sunday on 13th December 2015, a community charity carnival in Taman Yarl will be raising funds to help Works of Gratitude build an NF foundation in our country.


I will also be giving a 1.5 hour talk about my life and journey as an NF patient, and what led me to want to build a foundation and help other patients in need.

Do come attend the talk if you can, and have some fun at the carnival too.

Talk time: 11.30am till 1pm

Venue: Hall 1

Carnival hours: 11am till 5pm

Address: His Sanctuary of Glory, 10 Jalan Awan Berarak, Taman Yarl, 58200 Kuala Lumpur


Do come and support us!

Restore your body movement to its optimum with Rolfing and support the Malaysian NF cause in a big way!

Photo credit: http://rolfinghb.com/
Photo credit: http://rolfinghb.com/


A kindly Malaysian lady named Audrey Yeoh based in Kuala Lumpur has volunteered to help us at Works of Gratitude raise funds to build a charitable foundation and resource center for Neurofibromatosis in Malaysia with her work!


She offers to provide ten sessions of Rolfing therapy to FIVE individual supporters at a price of RM2,500.00  each person.


Of this sum, Audrey will only take RM500.00 for restoring your body movement to optimum, while RM2,000.00 will go into Works of Gratitude’s foundation project fund!


Better yet, Audrey says that supporters are to pay the entire RM2,500.00 to Works of Gratitude, and we shall then remit RM500.00 to her for your therapy. Clearly, she is doing this sincerely to help us!


What is Rolfing and how can it benefit you?


With experience in and a deep understanding of movement mechanics and functional anatomy, Audrey offers a potent combination hands-on manual therapy enhanced with movement education in a holistic and natural approach.


The Rolfing method developed by Dr. Ida Rolf and the Visceral Manipulation techniques of French osteopth, Jean-Pierre Barral both address the fascial network in your body using soft yet precise hands-on manual therapy.


While Rolfing aims to restore optimal alignment, balance and movement in your body’s structure, Visceral Manipulation aids your body’s ability to release restrictions and unhealthy compensations that cause discomfort, pain or dysfunction by working on the organs such as liver, stomach and lungs.


To put it simply,  Audrey can manually align your body parts so that you can move better!


Do read more about what Rolfing can do here: www.Rolf.org


Audrey will be providing you the therapy at her office in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumppur. Her company website is www.zentrum.com.my


Interested to enhance your body movement? Be among the five people to benefit from this unique therapy method  and support our foundation goal at the same time! Send Audrey Yeoh a Whatsapp message to see whether she can treat your individual condition.


Audrey’s mobile: +6012-3233218 Please message her instead of calling so that she may reply you whenever she can.

Introducing Works of Gratitude at HUO14

On 22nd April 2015, Malaysia’s national newspaper The Star has featured Works of Gratitude’s NF Awareness Workshop at Taylor’s College on the internet. It also included a video recording of WOG’s Project Director Mr. Sha Kok Tein and I addressing the audience at the 14th Hear Us Out Global Issues Conference’s closing ceremony. Below is the said video recording.



The video above was recorded by a columnist in The Star. Here’s the accompanying article. Thank you for lending our cause a voice, Mr. Tan Yi Liang!


NEUROFIBROMATOSIS Type 2, or NF2 for short. A mouthful, isn’t it? Wouldn’t disagree there. Sounds alien, even dangerous. It certainly sounds like word salad!

When I first heard of it 10 years ago, I didn’t think very much of it, truth be told. To me it was a tongue-twister of a genetic disorder, one that a friend of mine happened to have been born with.

I could barely pronounce it, let alone understand what it did to the bodies of those living with NF. As it was, I understood at the time that it is an incurable genetic condition which causes non-cancerous tumours to grow anywhere in the brain, along the spinal cord and central nervous system.

This means that for someone living with NF2, their brain, spine and nerves are filled with an assortment of growths. These tumours can cause deafness, blindness or paralysis — or all of the above.

What I certainly didn’t know then was that NF2 is the most common genetic disorder out there, more common than cystic fibrosis or Down Syndrome, affecting one in every 33,000 people worldwide. Continue reading

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